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The Merrimack Valley Striders is a running club that was founded in 1979 with the mission to encourage and enhance running at all levels



Welcome to Merrimack Valley Striders

Merrimack Valley Striders was founded in 1979 with the mission to encourage and enhance running at all levels.  Every member of MVS is respected as an athlete: whether young or old, capable of winning races or further back in the pack, seasoned marathoner, or a member who is simply seeking to improve his or her health. Though we were founded in the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts -- north of Boston, south of New Hampshire – we have grown and our reach touches runners as far away as Florida and California.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

May General Meeting Highlights

Alan St.Germain - 6/1/2017

The May General Meeting was an awesome example of how your running club generously gives back to the community and is a compassionate group that actively promotes inclusion.  

The main event was the annual MVS Memorial Scholarship Awards, and was followed by a speech by Mike LaPlante.  We finished off the night with a free raffle of highly prized items bought by or donated to the club.

MVS Memorial Scholarships Awarded

The Scholarship Committee did a great job selecting eight worthy scholarship recipients from 80 applicants from area high schools.  Each applicant supplied their athletic, scholastic, and community service profiles, as well as submitting an essay about "What running means to me."  

Each recipient received a $2000 award, for a total of $16,000 presented by Merrimack Valley Striders.

The 2017 MVS Memorial Scholarship recipients and essay excerpts can be found here: MVS Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to the 2017 MVS Memorial Scholars!

Mike LaPlante Transformed

Local comedian, Mike LaPlante, told his very personal story of transformation.  He shared his journey from despair to a willful desire to make life affirming choices every day to become the best person he can be.  

His brave battle overcame many physical, mental, and emotional challenges and led him to achieve previously unthinkable goals he set for himself.  On his journey to a better life, he celebrates the little things most people often take for granted.  His inspiring story is compelling.   We thank Mike for generously sharing his message of hope and transformation.

Video Recap

Here is a short video of moments of the meeting:

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