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2021 MVS Virtual Super Iron Runner Series

Whether you are a competitive runner or a social runner, you can participate, and earn great MVS gear in the Merrimack Valley Striders Super Iron Runner series program. The goal of the MVS Super Iron Runner Series is to to encourage all MVS athletes to participate in targeted local races that showcase the Merrimack Valley and surrounding area, and show our cohesion as a team.

For our free series we expect that all Striders wear an MVS branded tee, tank, long sleeve, or jacket as the outside and top layer.  

We respectfully ask that you proudly wear your MVS branded top for the duration of your run.  It is our primary method for visibility, while most races are on hold or virtual.  If it is chilly, layer appropriately, please be the ambassador for your club with your MVS branded top layer. 

Additional items such as MVS hat, goodr sunglasses, or other awesome accessories are to compliment your MVS top layer.

2021 Virtual Super Iron Runner Series Participation Rules

  1. Make sure you have a current and paid membership.
  2. Register yourself and or family members for the event from the MVS event calendar. 
    • “Virtual run” dates are at no additional cost, with the exception of Feaster Five (must be a registered participant to earn the point).
  3. You must run in an MVS branded top layer (bra, tank, tee, long sleeve, jacket)
  4. You may run an in person local race, virtual race, or log the miles on the local roads.
  5. For each weekend of a “virtual run” you must log in your stats on the weekend specified (no later than Sunday at 11:59pm).  Log on to MVSRUNS.COM to log your data!

Race Distances

The choice is up to you at ALMOST every turn…5k, 5 mile, 10k, 10 miler, half marathon, full marathon, Ultra distance, or other (greater than 5k), or trail run (5k or greater).

2021 Non-marathon Dates (13 point opportunities)

  1. January 1st, 2021
  2. February 13/14
  3. March 13/14
  4. April 10/11
  5. April 17/18
  6. May 8/9
  7. June 12/13
  8. July 10/11
  9. August 14 / 15
  10. September 11/12
  11. September 18 / 19 
  12. October 9/10
  13. November FEASTER FIVE! *Strongly encouraged, must be registered

SIRS Race Results

Super Iron Runner race results will be compiled based on the check-in form responses.  We will provide overall summaries, individual responses as well as share some of the photo attachments for each event.

Watch this panel for race updates.

2021 SIRS Race Reports

Upcoming Events
Upcoming SIRS Events

2021 SIRS Check-In

Click on the image below to report your Super Iron Runner Series race results:

2021 SIRS Check-In

SIRS Scoring Points

  • LEVEL 1 -
    • ADULTS: 9 points; must include one trail* run (5k or greater)
    • YOUTH :6 points; must include: one trail* run, or hike (5k or greater)
  • LEVEL 2 -
    •  ADULT: 11 points; must include one trail* run (5k or greater) AND one half marathon distance.
    • YOUTH: 9 points must include:one trail* run (5k or greater) AND one 5 mile run.
  • LEVEL 3 -
    • ADULTS: 13 points must include: one trail* run (5k or greater), one half marathon distance, AND, one marathon or greater distance.
    • YOUTH: 11 points must include: one trail* run (5k or greater), one 5 mile distance, AND, one 10k distance. 

*The trail run, half marathon, and marathon must be separate, the trail miles excludes paved / rail / bike trails 

Total Points
Required Distances for SIRS Points
5K+ Trail 5K+ 5-Mile 10K Half Marathon Marathon or Ultra
1 9 8 1
2 11 9 1 1
3 13 10 1 1 1
1 6 5 1
2 9 7 1 1
3 11 8 1 1 1



Choose wisely, you can not double dip. The marathon date is up to you if you are covering the distance solo,  at the discretion of the race director if you are running an in person local marathon,  or by the guidelines set by the virtual marathon.  We strongly discourage, at this time, traveling a great distance to compete in a marathon, as current guidelines strictly limit travel.

Want one more point?

If you’d like a bonus point, we are glad to give it!  Post on Facebook and tag the Iron Runner Series account for at least 9 of your completed SIRS races.  Not sure how to tag? We will show you!

Facebook Post Instructions