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2020 Feaster Five 12-week Training Plan

Colin Kennedy | Published on 12/4/2020

Feaster Five Coaching - A 12-Week Plan

During the course of the Feaster Five Virtual Event, Coach Sharon Johnson created a weekly three-part workout to jump start your conditioning and race training. Coach Sharon is a USA Certified Triathlon, Cycling, and RRCA Running coach.  


Below are the weekly playlists that Coach Sharon and Amy Quinlan created. Each playlist has three videos and they focus on strength, mobility and balance and a track workout. Coach Sharon encourages you to share the info with friends to let them know that they can utilize the videos for training for future races.

Clicking the links below brings you to the MVS YouTube Channel with a description of each workout with the accompanying videos. 

Week One Playlist,  
Week Two Playlist
Week Three Playlist
Week Four Playlist
Week Five Playlist
Week Six Playlist
Week Seven Playlist
Week Eight Playlist
Week Nine Playlist
Week Ten Playlist,
Week Eleven Playlist,
Week Twelve Playlist.


You can do these workouts at your own pace, individually, or combine the videos for a full workout.  Options for all fitness levels are included. Each video demonstrates correct form and technique. We hope you enjoy your workouts from Coach Sharon Johnson and Amy Quinlan.