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Jim Laprel Conquering Delta Dental's Mt Washington Road Race

Robin Condon | Published on 3/28/2021
Not once, not twice, but 41 Mount Washington Road Race completions!  When I asked Jim Laprel if he could give me a paragraph or 2 about his Mount Washington races he responded with, "I could talk forever about this because it has been part of my life since I was 18."

Jim has completed the Mount Washington Road Race 41 times since 1972, including twice unofficially in 1990 and 1991. He credits Dave Dunham's race archives with 39 official finishes which ties him for the 4th place all-time.  Jim's PR was 1:42:10. That's the same time as George Foster, who was credited for the first timed run up the Mount Washington in 1904.  

The best advice Jim would like to give is expect the worst conditions. The weather can be 80 degrees at the bottom and 20 degrees with the wind chill at the summit.  Jim has done this in all types of weather. In 2002, he was 50 miles into his road trip up to New Hampshire when he knew it was time to surrender.  He turned around and went home. By the time he got home the website already said that the race was shortened to the halfway point due to the intense rain, wind and temperatures. No cars were allowed.  Runners had to get down on their own.   

Jim didn't run 1974, 1975,1977, and 1979. He said either plans fell through or he had a junky car that wouldn't have made it..  2002 due to the weather, 2003 and 2010 due to injury and 2020 due to the pandemic. 

"It's a real challenge to do the race without walking.  I always tell people that its' the best replication of hitting the wall in the marathon and having a knock down drag out battle to the finish, but great scenery on a nice day!"

Lastly, Jim would like to express his gratitude to MVS who provided him a number several times when he didn't get in through the lottery.


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